Blackberry calendar will not sync all appointments to MS Outlook 2007

Hello All,

Hardware and Software background:

BB Storm 2 9550 registered on the the Verizon Wireless Network ("VZW")

OS of the device: Version (official OS from VZW)

Desktop OS: MS Windows 7 Ultimate Premium

I am trying to sync all of my BB calendar entries to the Outlook 2007 Calendar and the device or Intellisynch software will not sync any BB calendar appointment that is added under the service book/calendar. In fact the only entries that will sync to Outlook are those entered under/with the service book/calendar. This was confirmed with a number of test appointments added to the BB. The only ones that sync are those added under the service book/calendar. I deleted all the service books with CICAL in the name; sync and then resent my service books and still no luck.

When I go to Calendar\Options all of my calendars are there; when I select there are 3421 entries; when I select the calendar it has 9 entries.


1. How do I get the BB calendar enteries all of them to synch with Outlook.

2. When I enter an appointment on the BB I want the default calendar to be; I already have that selected under Default Services.

3. How to do I "merge" the calendar entries entered under service book/calendar with those for



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Re: Blackberry calendar will not sync all appointments to MS Outlook 2007
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I have provided some information below that may help.


Question 1: To complete this task I would recommend downloading the latest version of the Blackberry Desktop software. To download the software please select the link and select whether you have personal or corporate email.

        Desktop version 6 instructions:

1.      Once downloaded and installed I would recommend setting up the synchronization through the “Organizer”

2.      Select the data to organizer (i.e Calendar)

3.      Click Configure settings

4.      Select (i.e Calendar)

5.      Select the direction of the synchronization (two way sync, one way sync, etc.)

6.      Select the preferred options

7.      Select Finish


Question 2: I have provided a Blackberry link below on Gmail calendar synchronization (For version 5 software there is a link at the bottom of the article)


Question 3: (See link above)