Blackberry pearl alarm problems

I am having problems with my alarm not going off in the morning.  My screen will light up like its supposed to and the dismiss/snooze buttons come up but no sound comes out. I use my alarm every morning and rarely even change the alarm time.  My phone just decided one day the alarm wasn't going to work anymore.  this is the second pearl I've had with the same problem.  I did a back up and restore on my first phone and it seemed to fix the problem but I was wondering what causes something like that to happen and how I can avoid it.  I've talked to a few different stores and even called Verizon's tech support and no one has herd of that problem before.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx

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Re: Blackberry pearl alarm problems
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I was reading some posts over in the forums related to your problem.  One of the users had the same problem you did and found his problem to be related to Slacker Radio.  It seems the application somehow affects the alarm sounds.  The user deleted the program and his problem went away.  If you are running a program such as Slacker Radio, that might be your problem.  Check it out and let us know here in the forums.


Re: Blackberry pearl alarm problems
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No conflict with My Storm on the alarm and Slacker. Must be a Pearl problem.