Blackberry problems

Been a Blackberry user for awhile  and have not had alot of problems until the last three weeks -will not receive any e mail or connect to internet (glad I pay for this service). I have talked to Verizon and have been told it is not my phone it has to do with Blacberry internet and I have been unable to talk to them as I have been out of town and have not had the time to sit on hold and have not been able to get them to respond to e mails I have left. I get a message on my phone sayin that there is insufficient service avaiable to connect to the internet or receive messages...yet my connection status shows connected. Phone works great, just no Blackberry service.


Very disappointed in Blackberry service and will probably shut it off as soon as my current contract is up and would not reccomend it to anybody at this time...hopefully they will contact me soon and change my feelings towards them(Blackberry). Verizon has been great and I highly reccomend them as a provider, but at this time, the blackberry ranks very low with me.


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Have you tried to do a "battery pull"? While your device is powered on, remove the battery and wait about 30 seconds then insert the battery and power on your device. This should reset it. Let me know if it helps!