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Blackberry tour usb charging problem

A few days ago I tried to charge my tour with a (cheap or thinner) usb cord and it would not charge.  That night my phone did not charge correctly and then the next day I observed my phone sometimes showing charging when it was not.  Now my phone will not charge at all when connected to the usb wall charger, nor the computer with the blackberry provided usb cord and all peoridically I get this message

"The charging source connected to your BlackBerry device cannot charge your battery.  (More Information)"

Then "Some USB hubs might not provide enough power. Plug the hub into a power outlet (if available) and reconnect your BlackBerry device.  Try connecting to another USB port (different computer, USB hub, or travel charger).  Verify that your USB cable is securely connected to your BlackBerry device and a USB port.  Verify that your computer is not in standby.  (OK)"


Since I have tried to connect it with different cables to different computers and also to travel charges I seem to have run out of options.


Here is where I stand, taking the battery out for a while and replacing it did allow me to connect and charge to the computer but as soon as i took it off it gave me the error message and reverts back to the old mode.  I also can still charge the phone with my craddle.


Since I was able to back my phone up I would not mind trying to do some sort of clean wipe (like you can do with the computer) but I cannot figure out how to do that.


My phone is out of warranty,  Although I am somewhat curious if I get an year extended warranty through my CC or not.


Any help will be appreciated.


Thank You

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Re: Blackberry tour usb charging problem
Sr. Member

That is really strange that the battery replacement didn't fix the issue


Options / Security Options / General Settings / Menu / Wipe Handheld


Make sure you have all your data backed up, contacts, and know which apps you want to download again..this will wipe everything. I would call in to vzw and see if your phone does have TEC on it and then you can just get a free replacement if so. If not you can purchase a CPO device (usually half the cost of full retail)

Re: Blackberry tour usb charging problem
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

Maybe just a new battery will solve the problem?  I shop around at online accessory stores and usually find an OEM battery for a very reasonable price; shipping has been fast, sometimes free.