Bold 9650 Locks up

Every time I end a call by pressing the red key (which I thought was the end button) it locks up and asks for my password,  Frustrating!  Is there a way for this not to happen?  Thx


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Re: Bold 9650 Locks up
Verizon Employee

Good afternoon.


You have the option to have the password "enabled" or "disabled" on your BlackBerry.  If you would like to simply disable the password altogether, which will avoid your phone locking at all, please follow the steps below.


* Select "Options"

* Select "Password"

* In the Password section, select "Disable"

* Select "Menu"

* Select "Save"


If you would like to keep your password enabled, you can change the "Security Timeout", which extends the time before your device locks.  Below I have provided you with the steps to change this setting.


* Select "Options" 

* Select "Password:

* In the Security Timeout section, select time (Usually 1 minute- 1 hour.)

* Select "Menu"

* Select "Save"


If you still need assistance with your device locking, please send me a Private Message with your 10-digit mobile number and I will be happy to help you.


I hope this information is helpful.


Thank you,




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