Bold 9930 Backlight Problems

I upgraded to the 9930 recently and my initial review of the unit was quite positive.  The 9930 worked exceptionally well, no glitches, no problems.  Naturally an OS upgrade to 7.1.0 bundle 457 was available so I updated my system.  From that point on my 9930 has become the stuff negative campaigns are designed for.  However, the biggest problem, and one I cannot seem to resolve, is the unit's backlight function.  No matter what program I am in, no matter what time day or night, regardless of what features are in play, the backlight goes off constantly.  Essentially one or two seconds after the unit is brought out of hibernation to use.  I can be reading an email - the backlight goes off; I can be scrolling through the Internet - the backlight goes off; I can be on the phone - the backlight goes off.  In fact, I have to constantly move the mouse or tap a key to keep the backlight on at all.

I've made a myriad of adjustments to those features that offer backlight access and setup; nothing seems to work.  Verizon, if by chance you see this post, please do not suggest I need a new Blackberry.  This is a software issue that should be fixed ASAP.  My unit worked splendidly until the upgrade to the 457 bundle.

Has anyone else had this problem?  If so, did you find a solution?

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