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Bold 9930 Software Reload

I've had my Bold 9930 from Verizon for two weeks and it's terrific.  However, about the fourth day, when doing a sync with my PC, I got a message saying that some applications were updated but I had not completed the process and asking if I wanted to complete that process as well. 


Not exactly sure what was at stake, but believing that maybe some of the preloaded applications somehow needed to be updated (I have no additional applications, and in fact removed several of the preloaded applications),  I clicked yes, got a message saying the process would take 30 minutes or more, and then watched (in somewhat  horror) that what was happening is that not only my data, but all of the software was being removed,  was being temporarily stored on my PC, was then being reconfigured and/or updated and was then being reloaded.  Fortunately all of my settings were restored (other than the wallpaper, which was one of the built-in alternatives so was easy for me to restore).  However, the device then required me to totally re-register with Verizon and/or BlackBerry.  That was a pain but I went through it all.  But that's when I found a lot of the icons were missing and worse, the menu key was no longer functioning properly -- that is, most of the menu functions weren't showing up with each of the standard applications (that is, email, calendar, etc.).  So I powered the device down and back, but that didn't work.  So I shut it down again and this time removed and returned the battery, and fortunately all the icons were back and everything seemed to be functioning as normal again, including the various menu functions.


My point is: Be warned about clicking "ok" if the system wants to update your applications.  And if, because of that process or other processes, you find that many of the standard icons are missing and/or the menu key is not pulling up the proper menu options, do the old "remove and return battery" step.


Has anyone else encountered this rather unhappy go-round?  Did I really need to allow my preloaded applications to be updated?  Any other similar experiences and/or advice if this happens to me again?

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Re: Bold 9930 Software Reload

I had somewhat the same issue.  I have only had my 9930 for less that a week and kept getting update requests.  Since my IT dept wont allow me to get the updates i wanted to delete the request for the update to facebook.  After hiting the delete button it started deleting the app that was on the phone.  I did not want to delete the app just the update request.  Now there is no way for me to reinstall the app.  I sure wish that there was a confirm before the deletion of the program.  Still looking for remedies of this issue.

Re: Bold 9930 Software Reload

Roadwarrior - it sounds like you had an entire operating system update.  Depending on what operatoring system you BB shipped with, this update may have been warranted. Some times these updates can get a little buggy when installing, but they do need to back up your device, wipe the old OS, and reinstall the new OS as you described.  Sounds like the old "battery pull" trick got things working for you again.


My 9930 shiped with OS, and I have not recieved any updates from Verizon.  There is an update ( that is expected to come out shortly. 


Dodgeman - you'll have to take that issue up with your IT department.  Apps, especially facebook, have updates all the time.  Even though it came preloaded on the device, the updates are out of blackberry or Verizon's control.  If your IT department will not allow the updates, the only option for you is to completely delete the app to prevent getting update notices in the future.  Unfortunatley with facebook, some of their updates are critical, and not installing them may cause the app to not run properly, or not run at all.