Browser stopped working

I just got a BlackBerry and have enjoyed it but yesterday the browser stopped working, and it still isn't today. Is there anything I can do about this without having to go into a store?

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Re: Browser stopped working
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Try a battery pull.  A lot of errors on a Blackberry can be fixed by simply removing the battery for about 10 seconds and then replacing it to reboot the device.


Re: Browser stopped working

this just happened to my 8330.

also stopped were text, e-mail and BBchat.

text returned spontaneously; web, e-mail and chat still are offline.

i e-mailed VZW support about 10 minutes back. support responded with detailed instructions within about five minutes. FAST and CLEAR.

i haven't yet attempted the fixes because i must first back up the device.

this is  the instruction set prior to resetting the :device


Dear ______,


Thank you for contacting our Verizon Wireless website.


I apologize for the sudden inability to access the Internet from your Verizon Wireless BlackBerry, and will be happy to assist you with re-enabling the ability to do so from your device. This sudden behavior indicates the need to delete and re-send your service books in order that your device be recognized on the Verizon Wireless network, again. We will first need to check your Network Connectivity. When you have followed the below instructions, you will once again be able to access the Internet. Please see, below:


Network Connectivity


1. Verify Verizon Wireless data network connectivity. Network indicator should display 1X or 1XEV. Not 1x.

2. If necessary, delete Browser Service Books (BlackBerry Internet Browsing Service [IPPP] and IPPP for BIBS [IPPP] ). Refer to “How to delete and undelete service books” by navigating to the BlackBerry article KB13574 at


If the issue persists, please reset the device. Refer to “Register a BlackBerry device over the wireless network”, below:


a) Navigate to BlackBerry article KB00510 at

b) Follow the instructions provided for: “Register a BlackBerry device over the wireless network”.