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Business Contact Manger with Outlook

Does anyone know if business contact manager outlook can be syncronized with blackberry bold?

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Re: Business Contact Manger with Outlook


You can sync your Blackberry with Outlook 2007 or previous versions of Outlook with Blackberry Desktop Manager.  At this time, there is no support for Outlook 2010, but there will be in a few weeks with an update.  To sync with Outlook 2007, follow the following directions:

To set up Outlook to use with your Blackberry, do the following:

1.  Install the Blackberry Desktop Manager (found on the CD that came with your BB or it can be downloaded from Blackberry).


2.  Connect your BB via the USB cable that came with your device.  The drivers should install automatically. 


3.  Run the Blackberry Desktop Program.  It may pop up a message that it is looking for updates, you can cancel that now.  Click Synchronize.


4.  Configure how you sync your information. On the left side, go to Synchronization.  This brings up the Sync configuration window.  Click Synchronization.   Now another window pops up for you to select what you want to sync.  Myself, I only want to sync Calendar events so I checked the box next to calendar.  If you want to check Contacts you can do that too.  Click Setup.  Select Microsoft Outlook and click Next.  Tell BDM how you want to sync your data, from Outlook to your device, device to Outlook, or  both ways.  Select which user profile (you should have only one called Outlook), Transfer all items, remove past alarms.  Click Next and Finish. Click OK.  Now on the left side of the interface, click Synchronize.


5.  The checkbox next to Synchronize organizer data should be automatically checked.  Click Synchronize. 


6.  There you go.  You may see some conflicts appear, but don't worry, you can look at the details of each one and decide on a one-on-one basis of what you need to do.