Buy preowned blackberry

I have lost my phone and am looking to purchase a blackberry in its stead, however I don't want to purchase one at its new value. I have searched craigslist, ebay, the verizon certified pre-owned site, and for deals on a pre-owned phone.


This may turn out to be a lengthy response but could someone please direct me to a good source/site where I could find a legitimate pre-owned blackberry, and could they explain how to go about doing this so I don't end up screwing myself by purchasing a phone I cannot use.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Buy preowned blackberry
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go with the verizon pre certified phones....but i didnt see any preowned blackberrys never know what your going to get from craigslist...if you get a phone from ebay check the seller...but if you get from ebay its better to get a brand new phone...