Buying a phone off a ebay????????

I have the Lg dare and have had numerous problems. I have had 6 replacements due to bugs\defects and screen breaking. I really would like to upgrade to a blackberry but i cannot upgrade til aug and really do not want to pay 600.00. Ive heard about bidding on phones from ebay but can these really be activated from verizon or is it a scam? Thanks

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I bought my pink BB curve 8330 from ebay about 3 months ago.  It was used but in very excellent condition in my opinion, I believe the previous owner had it in a case the whole time she owned it.  I bought it from an ebay store that buys used equipment and then re-sell them on ebay.  They had a 14 day money back gaurantee so that's always good.  When I got the phone and tried to activate it, the vzw rep told me it had a bad esn.  I sent the store an email and they told me to send it back for a full refund.  I decided to call VZW one more time to double check on the ESN and this time around the ESN was good and I was able to activate it.  Asking for the ESN first to make sure it's clean is a good idea.  If  the seller won't give it to you, then go somewhere else.  I bought my BB for $100 w/ free shipping.  The phone is great and I've had no real problems w/ it (only the occasional battery pull of course).  I had the lg versa myself and was not happy w/ the touch screen.  It took forever to recognize my touch.  I decided to get a BB and at $100, it was a great deal.  My NE2 isn't until Feb 2011 so I couldn't just get an upgrade from VZW either.  I think buying a phone is a great idea if you can't shell out the big bucks for a brand new phone.  Just read the feedbacks and get the ESN first and check w/ VZW.  Remember, it has the be a Verizon branded phone.  GL!

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If it's your first time buying off eBay, consider asking the seller for the ESN number, then call Verizon to make sure that phone can be activated. Only buy from high-rated sellers with good feedback.


Second, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Watch for foreign knockoffs. I saw a post a month or so ago from a guy who bought a BB that clearly stated in the auction "Cannot be activated on BIS." That means BlackBerry Internet Service. Poor guy was out of luck.


If the auction says BRACKBERI, don't get it.  :smileywink:

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I would think if it is one of the model Blackberry devices that Verizon Wireless sells, you can activate it after calling Customer Service and getting on a phone and data plan.