Can't send or recieve messages from a Trac Fone user

Can somebody PLEASE help me with this?? I just got a BB Curve tonight and I can send text messages to every contact in my phone except my friend with a Trac Fone. And I can't receive his texts either. We have been sending messages back on forth via my mom's AT&T iphone. UGH!!! What gives?? I have tried both MMS and SMS texting to him and NOTHING WORKS!! I need this fixed!! I used to have a BB Pearl and had no problems sending or receiving texts from him!

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Re: Can't send or recieve messages from a Trac Fone user
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Make sure some settings are right on your device.  Press your green send button one time...don't hold it down, just press it to where it goes to your call log.  Now press the Menu key (to the left of the trackpad) and select Options.  Go to Smart Dialing and click on that.  Make sure your settings show your correct Country Code, put in your local area code, and set National Number Length to 9 and set Use "1" for National Dialing to NO.  Press the Menu key again and Save.  Then try your SMS and see if it works.