Can't send sms txts overseas

A few days ago I called Verizon to have my phone unlocked because I am traveling in SIngapore for the next few months.  I just got a sim card from Singtel, the mobile carrier over here, but am not able to send sms texts.  I am able to received them and able to make/ receive calls. 


I understand that you have to input a new sms center number.  I have the number but do not know where to put it in my phone.  All other boards I have read list an option under... options>sms>sns centre number.  Mine only lists screen options (convo style, show names) and message options (delivery report, data coding, priority, callback number and disable autotxt). 


I need to be able to send text messages while I am here traveling, so a solution would be GREATLY appreciated!





Blackberry tour 9630


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