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Cannot e-mail (i.e., To..., Cc..., or Bcc...) myself on my Q10

I am unable to e-mail myself from my Q10, has anyone else encountered this same problem?  If so, how did you correct it?  I am not on Exchange, this is a personal phone that I use for business purposes (self employed).  The e-mail account is an extension (i.e., Yahoo!), POP (not IMAP).  I have not made any changes to my phone (which I have only had 3 weeks) and no changes have been made to my e-mail account.  I just noticed this problem in the past 3-4 days (although it might have been this way all along) because I was trying to work around or self-compensate for the Q10's inability to "Auto Bcc to Sent Folder."  The problem is revealed to the left side of each e-mail I attempt to send to myself with a red dot containing a white dash in the center.

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