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I ordered two new lines with Verizon service.  One phone was completely brand new.   The other phone was a certified used.  Physical damage to the battery.  The rear plate had some wiggle to it.   I called the next day to report the issue.   The agent wanted me to keep the phone.  She started complaining about how small my data package was. 


     I did a side by side with my wife's phone.   Her battery was lasting longer.   I called again to let Verizon know that I would return the device if I couldn't get a new battery for it.  The agent said I would have the new battery in 3-5 business days.  That was the 17th of June, 2014.  It's the 27th now.  The battery never showed up. 


      I absolutely refused to be in possession of this device on the 14th day.   I called on 12th day to start the return process.  The agent told me that they wouldn't have the phone back within the 14 days.   He said that this could be an issue but he would "note the account."  I asked him if I could return this device at the branch.   He said yes. 


     I went to a branch in the nearest town.  The staff were super friendly.  They couldn't replace the battery or the phone.  The gentleman that was working with me offered an upgrade to the full-touch.  I wasn't interested in full-touch screen.  The closest replacement phone was a few towns over.  He offered to have it shipped to the store.  I could come back tomorrow and get it.   I ended up returning the phone.  They hit me with a $35 dollar restock for the used phone. 


     I gave Verizon a call when I got home.  I wanted to let them know that their battery never arrived and their branch hit me with a fee for a phone that arrived damaged.   The agent gave me confirmation on the fact that the device was a certified used device.   She told me that I was supposed to receive a brand new device..  She three-way called the branch.  I asked the manager why I paid restock if the phone was already used?  He said it didn't matter if it was new or used.  He said one of his employee's would have driven to another branch to get the phone.   I certainly would have waited.  It wasn't an option when I was there. I told the manager not to worry about it.


     I had to give the phone to my wife due to work. The agent told my wife that the fee would be waived.  She told my wife that the phone from the other branch would be shipped overnight to the local branch.  I could pick it up the next day.   I went to the branch.  Got in line.  I waited until I was called.  The sales rep told me the phone wasn't there.  I'm walking out.  The manager starts talking to me.  I told him what the agent he spoke with on the call said.  He told me he thought I didn't want the phone.   I'm not real sure what happened here.  When I woke up that morning, I logged into my account and saw the fee waiver.  I went to the branch and the phone wasn't there.  I'm not sure if the agent failed to ask the manager to order the phone or the manager refused to do it.  The agent told me that she was going to talk to the manager again before I passed the phone to my wife.  When I came back to the store, the manager was acting like that second conversation didn't happen.  Considering that the fee was waived; I was willing to drive back to the branch to get the phone. 

       I gave Verizon a call when I got home.  I wanted to let them know that the phone wasn't there.  I told the agent that I appreciated the fee being waived.  I needed to make sure that this line was actually cancelled.  The line was still live.  The agent had to suspend the line because the branch had yet to do it. She put me on hold to call the branch.  The manager offered overnight shipping to my house.  I'm not sure why this wasn't offered on the first call or while I was at the store trying to return the phone.  The bill still calculates a full month of service for a phone I cut off 14 days before the new cycle.  Wow.  This seems like a lot of trouble over a battery.  They sell for 10 bucks brand new online...  I wouldn't be posting this if I had received a new phone.  I would not have set foot in the branch office if I received a new phone. 

1.  Make sure it's new.  Everything should be wrapped in plastic and sealed.  If anything is pre-assembled; It's more than likely used.

2.  Decide if she's a keeper in the first 72 hours. If not, request a return immediately.  Verizon wants the phone back within 14 days.  You don't have 14 days to decide.   

3.  Give the device you're own 100 point inspection.  My battery was bent and had indentations in it.  The rear panel did not fit snug.  I could feel it wiggle a bit when I typed.  It passed the inspection and was shipped to me as new.

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