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Changing imap settings from non-SSL to SSL

I have had imap working for months on my storm 2.  But now my work changed from non-SSL to using SSL on imap. 

I tried changing the imap setting on the phone by just clicking the SSL box. But when I try to login after changing to SSL I have to validate my account. I entered the same password that I used before they changed to SSL. I get a message to"Please verify the email account information.  The information you supplied is incorrect."  I tried logging in to BIS but my pin on my phone does not have a corresponding account.  I got a message to my phone telling me that a user and password do not exist for this pin. Please use your device to access the BIS.


What do I do now?  Do I have to delete and recreate the email account on the phone?  I have a lot of information in there.  120 days of messages. I would like not to have to do that.


Any suggestions?

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