Concerning my Blocked Blackberry Maps Gps navugation

   Ive been with verizon for almost 4 yrs, I really do like verizon service plans, but verizon wireless always finds a way to make my patience go slim. I used to have a Motorola Razr it was a good phone but for some weird reason Verizon blocked the bluetooth file and music exchange for that phone, now I upgraded to the STORM, Really good phone, no complains, It does whats it says it does.

     I went to mexico with my phone and it happends to get stolen, I was luckily paying for insurance so I got my new phone with a deductible $90, Its all good, that phones worth more, but anyways, Now Im using my phone and it happens that verizon wireless locked the navigation system for the blackberry Maps application, I mean that service is provided from blackberry enterprise and it gets locked so u guys can make ur money by forcing us to buy VZ Navigator. I mean I work as a delivery boy and I've come to rely on my Blackberry maps navigation system but now I will be struggling, I would really appreciate if verizon unlocks the Blackberry maps GPS Navigation system, hopefully someone up there from verizon will read this

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