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I have a Blackberry Q10 and it refuses to connect to Verizon Network. I have rebooted, removed sim card, etc, etc, etc. I did manage to get it to power on with a Verizon to get it to connect. I didn't purchase this phone directly from Verizon and I have been told that Verizon has a hack on their system so if you don't but directly from them or a phone that was purchased from them directly that you will not be able to use on their system. Someone else said that I could have a bad sim card...HELP

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Re: Connecting to network
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Having a working phone is very important bvarobinson1.  I love using Blackberries as well. Did you check to make sure the device didn't come with any type of restrictions (clean ESN) -> We also provide new sim cards as well for free at a corporate location. ->  Now we don't have any type of hacks; you can certainly bring a device to use as long as it's compatible which the link provided will be able to verify for you.  What is the device doing when you try to use it?


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