Constant Reboot loop - Storm 2 9550 series

My storm II is constantly rebooting.   Is the phone suspectable to EMI, stray noise?    The phone will work anywhere but in my office.   It works fine up untill 9:30 -10am then it will enter a reboot loop and become totally useless.


30 Nov:  1015 reboot -"verify security soft ware" bar goes to 1% then reboots

                1:30 pm "Verify security software" finail passes.

                1:52 email starts loading and it reboots at the end of each individual message.

                 4pm still rebootisn as each email, text arrives.

                 4:40pm go to parking lot ....  works fine

1 Dec:    0830 working fine in the office 4 bars reception

                1008 Reboots -3bars reception showing before rebooting began....

                1145  went to lunch out -  reboots once and works fine

                 1pm  return to office, begins rebooting loop until I leave, where it begins to work in the parking lot.

2 Dec:   0830 Arive office works fine till 1034 and begins rebooting loop til I depart for home at 4pm

3 Dec:   Fine till 0945 then starts rebooting loop

4 Dec   Fine till 1003 Starts bebooting loop

              1006 go to parking lot let it totally reboot and become stable.......THEN TURN "OFF ALL CONNECTIONS".

               1015 enter  building and Still rebooting. 


The most curent software has been entered. there are no addition software added, just what came with the phone.  Pulled the battery multiple times, *228 option 1and 2 daily  and this is the second phone.......first phone did the same thing. 


Would no or poor reception cause rebooting.    I put the phone next to the window and still reboots?????


Every other person in the office phones work fine.  They are  Verizon LG, Verison Motorola,  ATT LG View.


This Storm II is a nightmare.... My Curve 8330 worked beautifully in the same enviroment. 



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Re: Constant Reboot loop - Storm 2 9550 series
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Turn Off the WIFI and see what happens.

Re: Constant Reboot loop - Storm 2 9550 series
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That device has Hardware issues.

I would immediately return that device to the original point of purchase and request a new 9550.