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Corrupt address book


I have a Verizon Storm 9530 bought as a present from the U.S. After only two weeks the Contacts have become totally corrupted. I cannot pick up anything from the book at all.  If I try to phone, I get the unobtainable tone, if I try to text, I get 'network out of order', which I know it isn't, and when I try to email, I just get the red cross indicating not sent.

Orange, my service provider, suggested deleting all my contacts, which I did, all 400 of them! But this didn't solve the problem. Then they tried re-sending the service books, no good. Then they suggested a hard reset, and again, no luck.

This is my second BlackBerry, and I've had major problems with both, my Bold 900 boiled every time I used it for more than 2 minutes. I love my Storm, but I so need those contacts. Can anyone help please?

p.s. In answer to an earlier question - the 9500 is the Storm sold by Vodafone in the U.K. which I'm told is our version of Verizon.

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