Data reception problem in Beijing today / how to contact Verizon from here

Does anyone know if there's a system wide problem with data access via Verizon Wireless-enabled Blackberries in China / Beijing today. 


I was receiving data perfectly for my first 24 hours in China, but it was disrupted 10 hours ago and hasn't returned.

I've tried resetting the mobile network options, but keep getting the message "Searching for GSM", followed by "Connection Failed". 


I'm wondering if President Hu's visit to the US might have prompted a close watch on data transmission between the US & China.  Or, if there might be some other system-wide glitch accounting for my frustrating inability to access e-mail here.


Otherwise, does anyone know how I can contact Verizon Wireless Customer Service from China (i.e. a full telephone number, but not an 800 line), so I might call and ask for advice from its technical service group?




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