De-Register PIN from BIS in the United States

Is Verizon the person that does this (that is where I was previously using the phone; now I am in South Africa).

Can somebody help me do this?

I can't use blackberry internet services here; Vodacom (SA) tells me my pin is registered to another network so they cannot connect me.

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Re: De-Register PIN from BIS in the United States
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I know that having service while traveling internationally is important Awilliams1728. I'm sorry you are having issues with using your Blackberry. Do you have active service with Verizon Wireless currently? If your phone is being used on our network currently, we can provide you with information about global services . If you no longer have services with us or never had services active with us we can not unlock our phones to be used with another carrier internationally. Please keep us posted.

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