Desktop Manager for BB Tour 9630 keeps crashing

Hubby and I both have tours. We updated to Desktop manager 6.0. His works fine off his computer.  Mine will load the software, run once and then crash indicating that Blackberry software has stopped working.   I am on Window 7 64 bit on an HP computer.   We have tried uninstalling the software, backing up the files and reloading several times with the same result.  I uploaded the recent 6.0.24 (or whatever it was) a few weeks ago with the same result.  If  I go back to version 5.0 I can run that desktop manager.


I do have some video files on my phone my husband does not.


Is there a reason and a fix for this problem?  

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Re: Desktop Manager for BB Tour 9630 keeps crashing
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I am not sure what may be causing your crash, but you might try running the program with the compatibility mode set to Windows Vista.  If the program keeps crashing, you can delete the program and download the 5.0 version from and go back to that verison.