Dialing from U.S. to our Blackberry when traveling to London

Can someone tell me how our family from home can call us when we are traveling to London?


We have asked at Verizon where we bought the phone, but have received several different answers and no one seems sure that their answer is the right one.


For example, if our blackberry number is (111) 222-3333, how does someone using a home phone  (not a cell phone), call our blackberry while we are in London?


I have been told it is the same as anywhere in the U.S.  1-111-222-3333

and also been told  011-44-1-111-222-3333

and also 011-44-111-222-3333

and also 011-44 plus the "12 or 13 digit phone number including area code"  I am not sure what is meant by the 12 or 13 digit phone number including area code. Is this 011-44-20-111-222-3333 since we will be in London and 020 is London's area code, but they say drop the first zero for London? So confusing! 


I am confused and wondered if someone could use the (111) 222-3333 example as our blackberry phone number and type out what exactly our family in the U.S. is to dial to reach us in London.

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Wherever YOU go in the world, YOU will always have the same telephone number (unless you change the SIM card).


In that case, people will dial exactly what they have always dialled to reach you: 303-555-2345 or 1-303-555-2345.


They will pay the same charge they always pay to call you, because they are calling the same number as they always have.


YOU will pay a LOT more to make a call, and a LOT more to receive a call, because YOU are abroad.






If YOU need to call back to the US or Canada, while you are abroad, then YOU will need to dial an international access code (00 from many European countries) followed by a '1', and then the normal ten-digit US number that you want to call.


To call the US number (404) 234-3456 from the UK, YOU would dial 00-1-404-234-3456.


To call the US number 1-404-234-3456 from the UK, YOU would dial 00-1-404-234-3456.






All the other stuff you posted relates to calling a UK-registered number from the US.


In that case the London number:


(020) 7234-2345 would be dialled from the US as 011-44-20-7234-2345


and the London number:


+44-20-7234-2345 would be dialled from the US as 011-44-20-7234-2345