Do not install 7.1.0 457 update - it stinks

I allowed my Blackberry Bold to install the latest update last week which was 7.1 bundle 457.  Unfortunately it made a number of pretty significant changes that I do NOT like.

1. All calls made/received automatically start in speakerphone mode

2.  The 4 buttons that were available during a call are now down to 2.  You get mute and flash.  Activate Speaker/Handset and Add participant were removed.  You have to go to the menu to switch either option and you can't change which options are displayed on the screen!

3.  The battery icon no longer displays a portion of the shading to represent the charge left of the batter, it just shows a goofy looking plug

If you're going to make changes that take away things, they should be options to turn them on/off, or give users a warning that these are the things that change so that we have an option not to install.

Needless to say I reverted my Bold back to 7.0

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Re: Do not install 7.1.0 457 update - it stinks
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I installed the update on my BB9930 and I have had not of the issues you reported above, it actually went rather smoothly.

I would suggest giving it a try again and installing it from your BB Desktop.  My only complaint of course has to do with the battery life of the device, no fault of VZW, that blame is all on RIM for putting out a device with such a limited battery life, on the other hand its a good way for VZW and RIM to make $$$ off of us having to purchase additional batteries, chargers etc.

Re the charging, I travel a lot and my USB chargers I used in my car no longer put out enough power via a USB cable to power the 9930, whereas that wasnt an issue with the 9650.  So off to VZW to purchase a new car charger, and will also have to look for higher output USB chargers.  Even the iPad USB charger doesnt pump out enough juice to charge the 9930.

Hope you try the update again, you may actually like it.