Do you get 3g internet speed/service on an 8330?

I bought an 8330 on ebay that was hardly used...I like the phone a lot but the internet browser seemed slow and not very advanced and I noticed it doesn't display 3g on the screen.  I was eligible to upgrade and got the Bold 9650 and it displays 3g but I really don't notice the internet being any faster on does the 8330 get 3g even though it doesn't display?


The 9650 is ok but not impressive.  I do like the theaded text feature in the 5.0 OS and the trackpad is easier to use, but the phone is heavier and the USB port is in an odd place on the lower right side.  It is much more convienent on the upper left side on the 8330 for use when charging at the same time.  I know the 9650 has a faster processor and 512mb and a 2gb sd card, but still i'm thinking my 8330 was just as good for what I need...


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Re: Do you get 3g internet speed/service on an 8330?
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The 8330 is 3G capable. On devices previous to the 9650, 8530 and 9550 the symbol for 3G is different. It's displayed as EV. So when you see 1XEV that means you're getting full 2G and 3G service.


The speed of web browsing between the two devices is expected to be similar. However, on the Bold 9650 you now have WiFi - so if you connect via WiFi you should notice a little jump in your speeds.