Does the new OS5 ever freeze up your keyboard on Tour?



Have any of you after updating to the OS5 for the Blackberry Tour had the problem of just suddenly all the keys stop working? The trackball works and you an scroll up and down on whatever screen you are on but nothing from the keyboard, volume keys, anything else will work, so you basically have to do a battery pull.


I've noticed it does this not just within aps like Viigo or AP News app but one time right after doing a battery pull I went into the setup for the blackberry to look at some stuff and it froze up even then! Sometimes it will go for a day and be fine, sometimes not even 10 minutes. Too bad, I liked how fast everything was but just spent the evening reloading back to 4.7 and putting all my old stuff back on as I need the phone to work consistently, what a headache.

Let me know if this has happened to any of you or if you found a fix, thanks!



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