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DownLoading Movies to the Storm...???

How in the world can I download movies into my Storm..I need step by step help.....Anyone?

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Re: DownLoading Movies to the Storm...???
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You don't really "download" movies to your Storm. What you can do is use any type of video file that's on your computer and use Blackberry Desktop Manager to load it onto your memory card. So connect your Blackberry to your PC, fire up Blackberry Desktop Manager and you'll see a button that says Media, click on that. Then click on Media Manager. Another applicaiton will load and you can follow the steps to transfer your video files to your memory card, it automatically converts it for viewing on your device.

Re: DownLoading Movies to the Storm...???

There are other ways besides using Desktop Manager. If DM works for you, great; but I find it to be pretty poor software compared to the alternatives.


As already posted, typically you won't download a movie to your Storm directly. The movie must be converted to a usable format first. If converting from a DVD that you own, I'd recommend something like CloneDVD Mobile from Slysoft. That particular program allows you to convert a DVD into both MP4 and 3GP format, each of which will play on a Storm. If you're starting with a different format video, AVI for example, try something like the VIO Mobile Converter.  Keep in mind that if the software you choose doesn't have the Storm specifically as an output option, you can use most any output that renders a usable file (mp4, 3gp, etc) and resolution similar to that of the Storm. Also the software I listed above are only 2 available out there for converting movies (I've used both with great results), there are many others out there that will also work, some free; some will cost you.


After you've successfully converted the movie, the easiest way to get it on your Storm is just enable Mass Storage mode on your device, connect to the computer, and drag and drop to your media card.

Re: DownLoading Movies to the Storm...???

when you have a video on your desktop, and want to put it on your Blackberry, chances are it won't be in the right format. you have three ways of getting the stuff into your BB :

  • you can use the Roxio Media Manager (see the numerous discussions about that program that is available when you download the "Blackberry Desktop Manager with Media Manager"
  • you can use a convertor web->blackberry like
  • you can convert yourself the video, then move it to your Blackberry.


For the uploading to your blackberry, easiest way is to connect your Blackberry, set it to be in "Mass Storage" mode (UMS), and drag'n'drop the file in your \Videos\ folder on your blackberry (you don't need the Desktop Manager to do that).


For the conversion of the video, I have discovered a useful shareware program called Daniusoft BB converter suite (ugly name, but user friendly). It can be downloaded here : Daniusoft BB converter suite.

there's only one screen : choose the file to convert, choose the Blackberry (for example Blackberry Curve 8300 400kbps), choose the destination filename, and choose the ratio if need be (for instance some youtube FLV videos are defaulted to 16:9 instead of 4:3). then one more click and the conversion begins. I like mp4 : better quality than 3gp, and can be viewed with a regular Media Player like VLC or Windows Media Player.


hope this helps.