Download BB <pictures> to my laptop

I have been trying to transfer the pictures on my BB to my laptop, have tried and tried again with no luck!

Any help.........................??????????????????

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Re: Download BB <pictures> to my laptop
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There are a couple of ways to do this, Blackberry Desktop Manager, or Mass Storage.  Mass Storage is the easiest and fastest.  Make sure you have enabled Mass Storage under the Options in your Blackberry.  Then plug one end of your USB cable that came with your device and then the other to your Blackberry.  After a second or two, a message will pop up on your device asking Do you wish to use Mass Storage.  Click yes.  Then, on your desktop, an option for you to select will appear on your PC.  Click to Open folder to View files.  That will be your mass storage card.  Then copy and paste your files into the appropriate folder on your Blackberry, ie: photos on your computer to the Pictures folder on your Blackberry.  That's it.