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Dropped Calls Due to Veizon Changing their Cell Tower Frequencies

For the last month I have been experiencing numerious dropped calls and poor connections. I have been using my Blackberry 8830 for over 3 years from this same location, my home without problems. I now have terrible service. I inquired  and was told by Verision that it was my phone and that I have to buy a new phone to eliminate the dropped calls and poor conections. 


After making additional inquires at the local Verision Wireless store I found out that Verison changed their cell tower frequencies one month ago, the exact same time I began having problems, because of their merger with Altel wireless. This decision has compromised service to thousands of existing Verizon customers. Verizon is pushing these existing customers with connection problems to upgrade their perfectly good phones in order for themto able to work with the new cell tower frequency configuration.


This same thing happened to all the AT&T customers when AT&T merged with Celluar one several years. Their users, me included began dropping calls even though they were in major metropolitan areas with excellent tower coverage where I still live. They changed their towers frequencies without notifying their customers that their devices needed to modified to accomidate the new frequencies. That is when I along with millions of other AT&T customers switched to Verizon Wireless.


Now Verizon is pulling the same thing AT&T did back then. I think there needs to be a class action lawsuit initiated to protect the existing Verizon customers from being forced to buy new phones to get acceptable service. Is there a lawyer out there that would like to discuss this with me.

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Re: Dropped Calls Due to Veizon Changing their Cell Tower Frequencies
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Yes I had a perfectly good Nokia analog and digital, same problems as you described. I had to give up a 1000 min Texas only plan at $49 a month because of this and switch to a Nationwide plan.