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I am trying to find how to edit permissions for facebook.  I go to options, applications and facebook is not listed under applications.  Then I went to the Application Center icon on my Blackberry 9560 click on Facebook but I don't have the option to edit permissions all that pops up are Help, Reinstall, Switch Application and close.  I have not been able to log on to Facebook all day today 7/23/2010.  When I try I get a message "A connection cannot be established to the Facebook server."  Is anyone else having this problem?  Any suggestions greatly appreciated!  Thank you.

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Re: Edit Permissions for Facebook
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To get to the permissions for Facebook, go to Options>Applications.  By default, it will show the list of Third Party applications.  After the list loads, scroll to the top and change the list to Add On applications.  Facebook is under that list.  Go to Facebook application and do not click on it, simply have it highlighted.  Press the Menu key and select Edit Default Permissions.  There you can make changes.  Simply save after you make the changes you want.


On a side note, Facebook was having some problems today, and across a lot of various forums, users have been reporting Facebook connection problems.  So, yours might not be wrong, probably just Facebook.