Email and Message Icon on Tour

I just got the tour.  My emails are only going to the message icon and not going to my email icon.  If this makes sense.  Doesn't anyone have any suggestions. 

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Re: Email and Message Icon on Tour
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On your blackberry application list you should have 3 different messages folder. The folder labeled messages will have both email and sms/mms messages inside. Your SMS/MMS folder will have only text and multimedia messages. Then your email folder which will be labeled with your email address should have only your emails inside. Since you state that none of your emails are going to email folder, follow these steps to see if you can separate the way your message folders are separated:

Use one message list or multiple message lists

By default, your BlackBerry® device theme determines whether SMS text messages appear in the same message list as email messages.

1. On the Home screen, click the Messages icon

2. Press the Menu key

3. Click Options

4. Click General Options

5. Perform one of the following actions:

• To use one message list for all messages, set the SMS and Email Inboxes field to Combined

• To separate SMS text messages from email messages, set the SMS and Email Inboxes field to Separate

6. Press the Menu key

7. Click Save

This can be found in the user manual by clicking on this link: starting in page 53

I hope that this is helpful!