Email help for the Blackberry Tour

I just got the blackberry Tour today. I set up my email. I tried using the message alerts option so that when I receive an email I get a vibration and sound but there is nothing that happens when I receive an email. It is just silent. I checked all the all ring tone and alerts and they are all on. It works for a BBM but not for email. Help.


Also when I go in to delete email on my handheld, my email is still there in my inbox when I go on my computer. How do I delete both email on my handheld and in my inbox?

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Re: Email help for the Blackberry Tour
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Hi, Sunflower,

Glad to see you in the forums.  I also have the Tour and I think it is a great phone.  Let me see if I can help you.

First, to change your notification on your email, go to Profiles>Set Ring Tones/Alerts>Messages.  If you are like me, you have more than one email address associated with your Blackberry.  Select the email account you wish to change and click on it.  On Volume, change from Silent to a level number of your liking, with 10 being the loudest.  Scroll down to Try It and click that to test it and see if that is the volume you like.  If so, press the Menu Key and press Save.  Repeat this procedure for all of the email accounts on your device. 

For changing how your email reconcils with your computer, click on the Messages icon.  Press Menu key, scroll down to Options>Email Reconciliation.  Change Delete On from Prompt to Mailbox & Handheld.  Press the menu key and save.  That should do it. 

While we were changing the reconciliation feature, I noticed one little shortcut.  When you are in the Messages folder and press the Menu key, there is a shortcut to change the Message Alerts.  It is the same thing we did in the above paragraph, just a shortcut.  I learned something helping you.  How 'bout that.  I hope this helps you.