Email is delayed 2 - 6 hours!

Once again, RIM or Verizon are having email problems.  Starting last night, emails via redirector are delayed 2 to 6 hours.  Tried all the usual tech support things (resending service books, new encryption key, etc.) to no avail.  Redirector shows the messages as awaiting delivery but I am able to send messages without a problem.  Called Verizon and they opened a case but I have yet to receive a response.  The tech support person did state that others are reporting similar problems today.  This is also happening on an 8830 used by one of my employees.  We have grown tired of the outages and may move to a hosted BES solution.

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Re: Email is delayed 2 - 6 hours!
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Get a droid. jk [edit] it sucks that rims servers have not been reliable lately.... I heard its the new blackberry messenger thats causing the glitches..(on