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Email management tips?

Had the Tour (first blackberry) a week now and loving it.


However, deleting email (BIS user  on POP accounts) from the device is a chore, especially when I can access my email accounts from the device, from work, and from the internet.


I realize Blackberry works like Outlook does; it retrieves a copy of messages from the mail server onto the device.


I can delete one by one messages from my device and from the server.  For larger numbers of messages, I'm 'saving' messages I want to keep, then selecting   'Delete Prior', but that doesn't delete messages from the server so I have to delete them again from work PC (which can delete on POP servers) or from Web access.


Any tips to makes this easier?


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Re: Email management tips?
Sr. Member

On my Storm, one holds their finger on the top or bottom email lightly while it is lit up blue and then lightly touches above or below depending on which way you are going and then once you have a whole string lit blue, push delete and you should get a prompt to delete ogg handheld or server and handheld unless you have it set to delete off handheld and server. I had mine set that way and hadn't turned on my comp. yet, well I lost all the emails that hadn't downloaded yet to my comp. So now if I want to delete them only off hand held I have the choice. How you do it on the Tour Doc probably knows.  DOC????

Re: Email management tips?

I did just uncover that if have an email selected, you can hold one of the SHIFT buttons down and scroll the trackball to select multiple messages!  The Menu then allows you to delete all the selected messages.


That is helpful!


Another question; how do you tell the generic Messages folder what your Default email address for new composed messages should be?  My default send is the first one in an alphabetically ordered list and not the one i want to be default.