Error code with Visual Voicemail

I just installed VVM on my new Storm 2 and whenever I try to run it I get an error code. "Error starting vvmail_9950: Class '$ConfigEntries'multiply defined" Has anyone else had this problem and how do I go about fixing it?

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I have researched the issue you are having with Visual Voicemail. Here are a few things to try first.


1. First connect your blackberry to your home PC or laptop and back up your cell phone data base. Once you open the blackberry desktop manager on your pc, you will see a choice for Backup/Restore. After Backup, also "sync" your files with your PC.

2. Then go to your phone, on the first screen push on "OPTIONS", then push on "SECURITY OPTION" then push on "GENERAL SETTING"; here you do not see a choice to pick! Then push on the blackberry 'logo' next to the green telephone button. Remember, on the screen under 'General  Setting' you do not see a choice to pick unless you push on the logo. This is a hard button outside of the screen. Then Click or push on "WIPE HANDHELD". This process would do what we call in computer world, a 'Reformatting the hard disk'. Once you waited 5 minutes the system connects to the Verizon network and download the necessary software for your phone to work again.

3. At this time you need to go to the main screen and push on "APPLICATION CENTER" and pick 'Visual Voice Mail' software to download. You must do this step before reloading you files that you backed up or prior to Re-Sync. Once you downloaded visual voice mail log-in and put your code and allow it to transfer you voice mails to your phone.

4. Now you can go to you computer PC and 'RESTORE' or since I did not have too many personal files, I just 'Sync' my PC with the Blackberry and I was back in business.