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Extended Warranty -Highway Robbery!

My first BlackBerry lasted two years - loved it.  Fortunately my "new every 2" was available when the kids spilled coffee all over it.


I've had my second BB for 2 months now.  Suddenly I can't hear the person I'm speaking with on the phone.  I can send and receive calls, the person I'm speaking with can hear me, but I can't hear them.


My warranty is in effect, but I took a good look at my Total Equipment Coverage - $8 per month adds up to $96 per year, or $192 over 2 years, then there is an $89 deductible - get a REFURBISHED PHONE in return.


What a rip-off.


Am I missing something?

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Re: Extended Warranty -Highway Robbery!


Sorry your phone isn't working right.  I can understand about the warranty thing.  To be truthful with you, that is one of the reasons I never got the extended warranty.  What kind of Blackberry do you have?  If the sound quit working all of a sudden, I can think of a few things that you might can troubleshoot, if you want to try?


Re: Extended Warranty -Highway Robbery!
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

During the first year, you are covered by the manufacturer warranty. Take the phone back and get a replacement. It will be a refurb, but you will not have to pay out of the pocket.


And much like a car with insurance,  you get in an accident, you pay a deductible. The car is not replaced with a new car, it is repaired.


At least with the phone, you do not have to send it back to be repaired and wait. You get another phone quickly.