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On my curve, my contacts had my friends profile pics from facebook.  Can anyone tell me how to get this on my tour?

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Open Facebook app on your device.  Press the menu key and select Options.  Make sure the box is checked next to BlacBerry Contacts application.  Press save and exit.  Now open BlackBerry Messenger.  Press the Menu key and select Options.  Scroll down to Display Pictures and make sure the box is checked under Replace Caller ID pictures with Display pictures.  Press Save.  Now, go to each contact in your BB Messenger list and make sure each one is linked to a contact in your device's address book.  Go to a contact and move to just highlight a contact entry.  Press the menu key and select Link to BlackBerry Contact.  If that person is listed in your main address book you can link the entries by selecting the pop up Select Contact and go to that corresponding entry in your address book and press the track ball.  Then the two will be connected.  Hope this helps.