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Falling out of love with verizon

Fact is vzw is no doubt the biggest baddest kid on the block. It has gained its success because it has provided a good service and customers like that. But it seems all too clear that verizon seems to think that blackberry users like myself dont see the neglect they are giving to blackberry while pushing "other platforms" like a drug dealer pushes crack. So i want vzw to know my loyalty is too my blackberry and i will drop vz win a heart beat if i continue to see, feel, and know they are holding back on BB6 because they are not making any money on an update that is being waited on by so many. Yes 2+2=4  why would big red go through the trouble of pushing out something in which they will make zero income in. I wouldnt push it either, but big red forgets one thing its been blackberry nuts like my self that have 4 on their account and have reffered 28 people to vzw that have purchased blackberry products. VZW will pay little attention to me here. But i am paying allot of attention to other carriers that already have bb6 out there because they realize the customer has the upper hand and the money

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