For Verizons CEO's
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Please wake up and smell the Coffee, Stop being concerned about the almighty buck and pay attention to the consumer.

(in which case you might find yourselfs making even more money if you did)

Please leave our Blackberry's the way RIM intended them to be, Stop pushing the crap to our phones, we will download what we want thank you very much! This is still America, you Know Freedom and all that! And seeing the prices we are paying for service I would say we should be able to have it OUR way not what YOU think we need. Sell me a Phone, Sell Me a Service and Stay out of my way and leave me alone. Don't cripple a good Phone, and Don't force me into something I do not want!

I doubt anyone with any PULL will ever even see this post, But I feel much better letting that out, How about the rest of you?

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Re: For Verizons CEO's
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None of those guys are gonna hear you. They're probably all in the middle of a two-week vacation while their employees are in the stores working six-day weeks with extended hours.