Frustrated with my BB Bold!

I have somewhat the same problem and appreciate the frustration of serious hardware changes.

What is "the SIM card trick"?

Currently I am trying a SECURITY WIPE ("hard reset" by most)

So far:

the latest device software for your Bold.  Currently it is 6.0 Bundle 3084

*228 options 1 and 2 don't improve this.

battery removal or Left Alt + right Shift + Del make no improvement
(There is some confusion in "hard" versus "soft" reset.

My best understanding: battery removal ="soft" SECURITY WIPE="hard")

Battery replacement does not fix the situation.

Disabling the WiFi (serious consequence to use the phone) doesn't fix this.

Hard set to 1XEV network technology does not fix this.

Factory Store "technicians" knew no more than "new battery", "hard reset", "no diagnostic" and "sorry".

after the phone finishes charging I will *228-2 it and see what tomorrow brings...

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I purchased the Bold 9930 last September, and this has been the WORST experience with a so called "Smartphone." I have had nothing but problems with this phone, everything from SIM card activation, email failures, browser and reception issues. The last problem I experienced required 3 1/2 hours with tech support from Verizon and Blackberry. The Blackberry tech guy was RUDE. I still cannot reply to emails and the browser is essentially nonfunctioning -exceppt for very basic functions. I will NEVER buy another Blackberry. I wish I could trade-in this POS for a Galaxy 3. But, I can't do that until Sept 9, 2013. Verizon should at least try to be honest and allow those of us with such bad experiences to get another make of smartphone.

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SIM card trick, as far as I know, is to reverse it in the phone so it's still available if you need it but it is not detected by the phone. 

Make sure you are not trying to use Global network...

I have the Bold 9650 and I use Quick Pull to do an effective "battery pull" whenever the charge doesn't seem to be lasting very long (about once a week for me).  I use wifi a lot, but find if it has to "search" it uses the battery up quickly, so if I am not at home, I turn off the wifi unless I am actually going to use it.