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Frustrating delay and other issues with Tour


I have had my tour for a couple of months and started experiencing problems a couple of weeks ago. None of the problems occur separately from eachother, they all happen at the same time. Here is what's happening:


  • If the Tour has been sitting for more than a few minutes, there is a delay in accessing anything- SMS messages, e-mail, browser, etc. I can move the trackball over items but when I try to select them there is a 10-15 second delay before anything comes up.
  • I can't answer or ignore calls. I push answer and ignore multiple times and nothing happens, just keeps ringing.
  • The behavior of the "alt" key changes. When typing a message, normally I push and hold alt and the other key(s). Now I have to push alt, push the other key, then push alt again, push the other key, etc.
  • Pushing alt, shift and H will not pull up help.
  • Pushing alt, right shift and delete will not soft reset.


If I do a battery pull, it will clear up the problem but only lasts for a couple of days. I thought maybe it was a problem with something that I had installed, which was only Slacker radio, Blackberry app world and Facebook. So I uninstalled all of those. I also thought maybe there was a problem with my bluetooth headset since I had gotten that after I got the Tour, so I have disabled bluetooth and still no luck. The OS is what came with the Tour,


I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced problems like this and knows a solution. It is a real nuisance and is keeping me from sending messages or making/receiving calls unless I wait 10-15 seconds each time before it even reacts. Thanks for any input!



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Re: Frustrating delay and other issues with Tour
Hello, Well what I would do is wipe and update software that should help.
Re: Frustrating delay and other issues with Tour


First, the version of software you have is the most current official OS from Verizon.  One of the things about a Blackberry is how memory can be used up very quickly.  Memory leaks can occur even from certain themes you have installed or apps.  One good habit on any Blackberry is to perform a daily quick pull of the battery.  This will always keep your device running a top performance.  There is a program called QuickPull Lite that is free and available on Blackberry App World.  It can be programmed to perform a Quickpull reboot at whatever time you want.  If you want to have one early in the morning before you wake up, just set the function in the program to do it.  Speaking of apps, Slacker radio is a great program, however, a few people have reported issues with memory leaks in other forums, so that may have caused you some of your problems.  Just a few tips and I hope you get better performance out of your Tour.