Global Sim not Recognized! HELP ASAP

I am traveling in Qatar and my BlackBerry won't see the Sim Card.  I don't think it activated before I left or something.  I can switch it from global to GSM back and forth, but when I set it to Global it just says insert sim card and won't find it.  When I go to settings and then advanced I go to SIM CARD and it says there isn't one.  So I removed it several times and put it back in, but still doesn't see it.  I need to have this phone if at all possible!  If anyone has any help, I would greatly appriciate an email!  [edit]

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Re: Global Sim not Recognized! HELP ASAP
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You have to call the Global Travel service and have them activate your card.  They can be reached at US (800) 711-8300 and it looks on the map like the entirety of Qatar is covered and will cost around $3/min.