Had BB 8350 for a year, but now it has network issues??

I use a data plan on my BB and also use it to tether to my laptop (using VZAccess). Recently, I've been getting the message on my BB "Insufficient network coverage..." when attempting to use the browser.My service will flop between 1X-3G service. Even when it works, it's slow. When I tether, I often flip flop between 1xRTT and Ev-Rev. Not cool considering how much we pay for 3G and Broadband.....

This hasn't always been the case, it's a new problem. My husband has the same BB and uses the same plan I do, and has zero issues with connectivity. We can sit side by side on the couch and hit browser at the same time....his gets right to the page and mine is "requesting".......until it gives up or I do.

When I spoke with Tech Support yesterday via chat, I was told it was because my roaming capabilites hadn't been updated. We did over the air updates and it didn't help. Then I was told it was because I was on an "Alltel plan" and I needed to "switch towers". Ok....I have a Verizon phone, pay a Verizon bill and use Verizon software. But somehow bc my calling plan was grandfathered in as an Alltel customer, I don't get Verizon's "best"? A friend of mine had reception issues and was told to "switch towers" as well, and it did not help at all. So call me skeptical about the tower being the answer. That and my husband has no issues with his--same towers!

What else can I look into as the culprit? It's frustrating to pay the mega-bill for mega-service each month and get mediocre service....it's almost like dial up!

I appreciate any offerings of assistance :smileyhappy:

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Re: Had BB 8350 for a year, but now it has network issues??
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Hi, try doing a Battery Pull.  To do this just:


  • Power your device off.
  • Remove your battery.
  • Let the device sit for 15 seconds.
  • Replace the battery.
  • Power the device back on.

Once the device is powered back on, proceed with your tasks.