Help with issue after the new update
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I HATE Blackberry and  I know why no one has one anymore and I can see why the new 10 OS could be DOA.

I updated my Blackberry Bold 9930 to the new 7.1 OS update everything worked good. Then it said I had to reboot the phone and I did. Now wont turn on after doing everything and I get 1 brink of red light pause then three fast brinks of red light short pause then 1 more brink of red light. I hate when people say this but this is my 2end Bold .  Anyone know what I can do or try?


P.S. My PB is having issues to I think I am done with RIM this is BS

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Re: Help with issue after the new update
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Personally, I've tried every major OS currently on the market and I still prefer my BlackBerry. You want to play games and have fun fun fun!! then a BlackBerry is and never was for you. I'll say it again, BlackBerry's are not toys. That's why so many people in the United States keyword there, does not want them. Everyone is to obsessed with slacking off and doing more than what they can even harness in one setting. Time after time, it seems user error is always the reason for a malfunctioning Blackberry. I've had all kinds of BlackBerry's and the only one I had that I didn't like was the 9630 Tour... needed more memory. Besides that, could it be your battery? I also have a 9330 on Sprint and it exhibited similar issues you're having once. I ended up having to charge up the battery after an update. In the end, I up just needed a new battery! If your issue is not resolved on it's own over night, take it to your nearest Vzw store for repair and or for a diagnosis. Oh and I await BlackBerry 10 should be great, the 9530-50 was a disaster, I'll give you that one.

Re: Help with issue after the new update
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I apologize that the device stopped performing after the latest software update. I recommend trying to install the software via Blackberry Desktop Manager. If that fails, please send me (AdamE_VZW) a direct message for further assistance.

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