Hot spot

My Verizon plan comes with 60g premium hot spot data per month. Also I have additional 100g perk. When the 60 g  is used up my hot spot slows down to where it’s unusable. The 100 g premium perk should kick in automatically like Verizon sales rep told me it would. This has been happening for months. Have talked to tech support like 10 times and they failed to fix anything. They just try to sell me different products. I’m at the point of leaving Verizon. I can’t run a business when my internet connection slows down. I changed to the more expensive plan that Verizon said would solve the issue twice. Higher bill same problem.

Re: Hot spot
Customer Service Rep

Hello, James91384. Help is here as we know how important it is to have working service for you business needs. Are you receiving an error message when this happens? Just to clarify, is your account a business account?