Can anyone tell me how I can use the hotspot feature on my bb??

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Hello Lilbeautysxt,

The mobile hotspot feature is an excellent way to stay connected while on the go! As a matter of fact, it’s my favorite feature to use as I have an iPad that I’m always surfing the web on with my mobile hotspot. I want to make sure that you are able to enjoy this amazing data service because it’s SUPER affordable and SUPER convenient! First, may I ask what make and model blackberry do you have? Most of the older model blackberries do not have this feature but the newer ones do. Second, to verify that you have this service on your account, you can always log into My Verizon and check the feature section on your device. If you have the Blackberry 9850 Torch, which is currently my favorite blackberry, then I have posted the steps for you below.

I want to advise that the mobile hotspot can connect up to 5 devices using 3G data connectivity. Another great suggestion is that you customize your mobile hotspot password for maximum security. After all, we wouldn’t want anyone using your hotspot service without your permission. If you have any questions about this amazing service or need additional assistance with the setup then feel free to reply to this message.

Thank you…

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