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Hi, all,


Being a Blackberry aficionado, I find all of the different things your Blackberry can do for you amazing.  One of the best features of all Blackberry devices is email.  With your email pushed directly to your device, you don't have to be near your computer to send and recieve email.  With the Blackberry, you can add up to 11 email addresses, including 10 supported email accounts and one BlackBerry email account that comes with your device.


My question to you is this:  How many email accounts do you have on your Blackberry device? 


I will start by telling you that I have 6 email accounts on my device.


Thanks for sharing...




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I have 6 also:




soccer association


website where I contribute articles

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Hi - I have 4 at the moment:

BB  (which I don't use, but set up because it comes with.....)
Gmail (which is actually receiving gmail + 4 more linked to the gmail account)
AOL (personal, family)
Treasurer email for a scout troop

I have my business email funneled through Gmail at the moment, with folders (err, labels) set up to sort it all out for me - if I split the business email off and set it up separately on the BB, I would then get duplicates of all of those. And if I take the business OFF the gmail grab list, I'd have to re-set up all the folders and such . . . and I like the way gmail handles things. The only pitfall is I can't RESPOND to the business emails from the business email address unless it is set up on the device - any reply I make comes from Gmail.

Any of you BB gurus have a workaround to keep my business email funneled through gmail , yet be able to reply to emails on the BB with the business address? Within gmail, you can choose which of the linked emails you want it to send from, but I haven't been able to manage that from the BB.

....Still learning new things every day!!


Hellow All :  even though i've got my Androids now my X an my droid incredible i still miss my BB Curve it was my first smartphone an it was a little stinker to learn how to use an work with at times. but i got the hang of it.  An the Email , Text Msging , an many other things were great on it.