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How Does User Control the Email Delivery

Using Outlook Espr


I'm a newbie BB customer. Mostly, all setup issues encountered have been resolved with the help of the BB community. The BB User Guide for the 9630 Smartphone appears to be directed toward the corporate customer. I am a BIS type.Thanks to you, I have been able to set email filters and several other parameters that the User Guide did not address. (Interestingly, the BES customers have an IT department to help them. It would be helpful if RIM produced a BIS User Guide.)


So here is the situation - currently:


-All incoming email is pushed to the device and to the mail box. (It is desired that delivery to the device be suppressed when the mail box is on line and active.)


-All outgoing BB generated email is pushed to the mail box; and, a second notification email is also pushed to the mail box with the notation "Your message was delivered to the recipient." along with an attachment that is not readable. (It is desired that both of these emails be suppressed.)


-Mail box generated emails are NOT pushed to the device. (As desired - thank you!)


In a perfect world, it is desired that:


1) incoming email NOT be pushed to the device when the mail box is open - i.e., when the desktop is active. And the useless "receipt" message should be suppressed.


2) Device generated email NOT be pushed to the the mail box.


Any suggestions as to how one gains control of email distribution? The email setup menu is configured to not send receipts.






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Re: How Does User Control the Email Delivery
Looks as if one problem resolved. Somewhere in Email Setup there was a field in which an email address could be entered for Auto bcc. The mail box address in the field was deleted; no longer do BB generated emails get sent to the mail box. And, the delivery receipt has been suppressed.