How To Update Your Blackberry Handheld Software
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Lately, a lot of Blackberry owners have been asking some basic questions regarding updating their device's software, or operating system (OS).  I know that I own a Bold 9650 and a software update was just release a few days ago.  A couple of questions arise and they are good questions, "How do I update my Blackberry software," and "Which is better, wireless update or on my computer."  To answer, let me start with which method is better.  Both ways are ok, however, wireless takes at least 90 minutes to 2 hours.  The download can be interrupted and corrupt the whole process.  I find updating by way of the computer faster and safer.  It usually takes about 30-45 minutes with a computer.  How to acutally perform an update is fairly easy, but you need to be prepared in advance.  To start, you will need your USB cable that came with your Blackberry.  Before you update, backup your device's data with Blackberry Desktop Software.  It is always good to save your personal settings, calendar events, and contacts.  The rest of the process has been laid out very nicely by Blackberry, so I thought I would just give you their instructions for installing the Blackberry handheld software.  Go to this website for more information.  Follow the instructions and you will not go wrong.  If for some reason things do not go well, you can always check here in the forums for an answer. 





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Once again you have proven how valuable the community members are on our VZW Forums..  This is great information and I am sure that it will help all of our Blackberry users.   Thank both and  for being great contributors to our Forums.  

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+1 to Doc's reply. If you download the new OS to your desktop, you'll have resources if something goes wrong. ALWAYS back up your settings with BB Desktop Manager & 3rd party apps with BBSAK (go to Go to for several tutorials on loading different versions of the same OS or higher OS.